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The history according to andy…..
Andy is the third Nolan to run the business on Main Street. In 1886, his grandfather, Andrew, opened a butcher’s stall in the premises now occupied by Patricia’s Hairdressing Salon. He later moved to the present site where James G. Nolan continued the business with his brothers Andy and Mick and traded as Nolan Bros. The brothers had a progressive and enterprising outlook: they supplied the new Free State army for some years, and as early as the 1930s they put lamb carcasses on the London market. At that time, they also ran an on-course and turf accountants business. Horse breeding was also on their agenda, and many good horses carried the black and white colours, including Gold Cup winner Roddy Owen (1959).

1927 Nolans

Andy started his apprenticeship in 1946 and he succeeded as proprietor in 1954. he was ably assisted by his brothers Leo and Ray (R.I.P.) who then bought most of the livestock. Andy concentrated first on consolidation and in later years on modernisation and expansion. He recognised the importance of being able to comply with the rising standards required by the European Union and invested heavily in a new abattoir and processing system. This turned out to be a critically important decision and a right one. It allowed Nolans to continue their own slaughtering, retain full control over the production process and ensure the continuation of their quality standards.

Meticulous detail

It is a slow process that requires a great attention to detail and strict control. Not to be overlooked is the unique atmosphere in the shop. It is felt among the staff and customers that a certain level of liberalism is shared between both parties. It is an easy place for people to come and share a joke or engage in the banter that you usually only get between friends. But it seems that such is the good feeling surrounding the shop that there is always a friend there.

Andy At work

Today Nolans has a wide reputation for excellence. James who has understudied his father for nineteen years, and is now in the process of taking over as head of the business, is continuing the family tradition. He is just as particular as Andy about quality. Good meat comes not just from what happens behind the counter.

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