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The Process

"Our job is terrible slow, people dont understand that", says Andy Nolan. As was said Andy is the third generation of this family establishment. What goes on in Nolans used to be fairly commonplace - Andy remains modestly mystified by the enthusiasm for the meat- but it is becoming an increasingly rare practice. The butchers in Nolans are true craftsmen dedicating to getting the detail of their job right . They'rew fierce particular as local word has it.

Being "fierce particular" means being prepared to the the job slowly if thats what it takes to do it well, to have the the kind of pride in your work which makes cutting corners impossible . "Anyway ", says Andy, "you're fairly told if it's not right !".

Our process means not jusy being a butcher but a farmer as well,hand -selecting the animals so you get the best, and finishing them on your own land. It means killing the beast yourself so that you know they've been well treated, well rested, properly relaxed and not stressed. It means coooling the carcassses oh so slowly so that the meat doesnt toughen before it starts to hang. And it mean s hanging it for long enough allowing the meat to tenderise and the flavour to develop.

And thats all before the meat even touches the butchers block. When you see the amount of work that goes into producing meat well,you can only marvel that it doesnt cost alot more!

Extract taken from the Tribune , Maureen Tatlow.Also From The Bridge magazine.

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A word from James...

It starts with birth of the animal from which it comes. Good stock, healthy living conditions, no artificial growth promoters, absence of disease, proper feeding, a stress-free period before slaughter, strict hygiene and proper maturing are all necessary for the production of good meat; and in Nolans nothing less will do. Andy is an acknowledged expert at recognising and selecting the best stock. This is complemented by a detailed knowledge of anatomy, which ensures that the customer gets meat with optimum texture and flavour.

Peace of Mind. That is our guarantee to the customer. Itís no surprise then that this small-town business has collected Food Safety Authority awards. It passes the annual Department of Agriculture and Food inspection which is a prerequisite for a licence to operate a victualling business. It also passes the stringent test of meeting all the relevant European Union standards, and has introduced the HACCP system which is an E.U. equivalent of ISO 9000 for victualling.Rising standards over the last twenty years have forced the closure of most of Irelandís smaller abattoirs: the survival of Nolansí operation in that context is an indicator of just how well they measure up to rigorous independent assessment. This is a business which can hold its place in an international market. In a time when everything occurs at one hundred miles per hour, we feel that in the shop we can engage more personally with you. It helps that we have a tight team on board and that we all try to pull in the same direction.

A look around the abattoir and processing areas shows the importance of what happens before the meat comes to the counter. Nothing is left to chance here. Cleanliness is essential. Chilling is carried out at a pace that allows the meat to attain a natural maturity and full flavour over a period of twelve to fourteen days. It could be done much more quickly and cheaply, but this would mean compromising on quality, and compromise in this area is not a word in Nolansí dictionary. The quality control process includes a self-imposed, continuous, critical assessment of the finished product to ensure maintenance of standards. Everything is carefully regulated and the reputation of the meat is a paramount concern of proprietor and staff alike.

At Nolans we can guarantee quality and safety thorugh our total control of the entire process. All our beasts are grazed on our own land where they are hand fed. Then we move them to our holding shed where they are fasted for 24 hours. Then they are brought to our EU approved abbatoir. All Our equipment and metods are constantly monitored and inspected. We have consistently et and passed all EU standards to date. Once the animals are ready they are checked by our vet and all our waste is then removed in compliance with SRM requirments. This all guarantees that we have full tracability over all our produce, which means we have full confidence for both you and ourselves.

Then the carcasses are hung and chilled for days and then we begin the breaking down process that enables us to produce the products you require. Then to the counter where it is then over to you in the kitchen to bring to life the full flavour!

All our methods are Eu and approved and approved by the Health and Safety Authority. All the staff have also taken the safety courses necessary to meet standards. Everyone on the team holds a safety certificate. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact us for details.

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